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Our Uniform

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Children within our academy are required to wear full school uniform. Our official uniform supplier is:

Longton Protective Clothing: Sutherland Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, ST3 1HZ.


The main purpose of ensuring that all of our pupils wear a school uniform is to develop a sense of pride and a sense of belonging to our school community. At Eaton Park Academy, we have a close-knit school family, and each individual is proud to belong to it. Wearing our uniform promotes a sense of identify, and ensures a smart cohesive look.

We have high expectations across the academy regarding presentation and school uniform, and we immediately address issues where standards in presentation and uniform fall short of the expectations.


  • Grey trousers
  • Pale blue logo t-shirt
  • Eaton Park Academy burgundy jumper
  • Black shoes


  • Grey pinafore or skirt
  • Pale blue logo top
  • Eaton Park Academy burgundy jumper or cardigan
  • Black shoes


  • Grey trousers, or tailored grey shorts during summer
  • White shirt
  • Pale blue tie with the school logo
  • Burgundy jumper with the school logo
  • Black shoes (no trainers or pumps)


  • Grey pinafore or skirt, or a red checked dress during summer
  • White shirt
  • Pale blue tie with the school logo
  • Burgundy cardigan or jumper with the school logo
  • Black shoes (no trainers, pumps, or heels)

Physical Education Sports Kit

  • White polo t-shirt with the school logo and a burgundy collar
  • Burgundy shorts or grey jogging bottoms (in winter)
  • Black pumps or trainers
  • Hoodies with the academy logo are optional for colder weather
  • Long hair must be tied back
  • No jewellery

All PE clothing should be labelled with your child’s name, and sent in to school in an appropriate bag.

Swimming Lessons: Years 1 to 6

  • Girls must wear a full costume (no bikinis or tankinis)
  • Boys must wear trunks (not shorts)
  • All pupils, regardless of gender, must wear a swimming cap
  • Please ensure your child has a towel
  • All jewellery must be removed
  • Your child’s swimming kit should be labelled and have an appropriate bag
  • Goggles can be worn if a letter of consent has been received by the Academy from a parent or carer, and given to the class teacher who will then inform the swimming instructor.


During term time, pupils should not attend school with fashion hairstyles, which include:

  • Dyed hair
  • Streaked hair
  • Braiding
  • Patterns
  • Tramlines
  • Mohawks

Very long hair should be tied back and hair should be kept out of children’s eyes at all times. Hair accessories should be minimal and should reflect school colours. Hair pieces and large accessories including bows should not be worn.


The wearing of jewellery, with the exception of one pair of plain ear studs and a watch, is not allowed for health and safety and administrative reasons. All jewellery must be removed for PE and swimming lessons. We urge you not to allow your child to have their ear(s) pierced during term time.

Any form of jewellery presents health and safety risks, including: rings, badges, and bracelets – and therefore, should not be worn.

The wearing of religious items or symbols is permitted, but must still be removed for PE and swimming lessons.

Makeup and Nails

Pupils are not allowed to wear makeup and false nails in school. Any nail paint should be a light colour or clear.

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