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Class teachers: Mrs Blood and Mrs Byrne 

Class teaching assistants: Mrs Livingstone, Mrs Bourne, Miss Pitchford 

Hello and welcome to life in NurseryWe’ve just started ‘big’ school and we are so proud to wear our uniform and join the Eaton Park family. It’s a new beginning for all of us where we make new friends, meet new teachers and learn school routinesWe play every day, but the teachers say we are learning! Playing allows us to explore, problem solvework with others and develop language skills. The staff in nursery provide us with wonderful experiences and opportunities which help us to develop and learn at the highest level. They watch us grow throughout the year, gaining confidence and becoming that little bit more independent each day. This is the very beginning of our exciting school journey.  


Why do you love me so much? 

In this topic, we’ll learn about love, families and how people are the same and different. We’ll pose for photographs and recognise ourselves, our names and our friends. We’ll also use a mirror to look at our reflections and talk about what we can see. Story time will be all about love, feelings and families. Outside, we’ll practice following instructions and think about how our brilliant bodies move. We’ll count candles and think about why we celebrate birthdays. Getting creative, we’ll make amazing artwork of ourselves, the people who we love and our family pets.  

Is it shiny? 

During this topic, we’ll hunt for missing treasure and discuss whether the treasure we find is shiny or not. We’ll watch how shiny objects catch the sun when we hang them outside, and we’ll group and sort different objects. We’ll sing and play triangles along to the nursery rhyme, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, and we’ll use tools to write letters and numbers in foil. Using our maths skills, we’ll write numbers in sequins and build structures out of shiny 2-D and 3-D shapes, naming the shapes and sorting them by size. Getting creative, we’ll create wind spinners out of old CDs and other shiny items. Where will we hang them so they sparkle the most? 

Where does snow go? 

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! This is when we explore the frosty but fascinating season of winter. During this topic, we’ll wrap up warm and head outside for a winter walk to spot frosty windows, icy puddles, icy grass and steamy breath. Observing melting ice, we’ll discover how it turns into water. Can we speed up the melting process to free the tiny animals inside? We’ll look at a range of winter-themed books. Using our mathematical skills, we’ll count snowflakes and stick the correct amount of buttons onto numbered snowmen. Getting creative, we’ll create winter-themed art and build a sugar cube igloo! We’ll also share snowy day experiences with each other. 

Are eggs alive? 

Here, it’s time to find out more about the things that happen in the world around us during spring. We’ll head outside for a spring walk to see and explore a range of plants and animals. We’ll watch eggs hatch and learn about ducklings. We’ll plant, care for and observe a range of seeds. What do they need to grow? Before we draw and paint them, we’ll smell and gently touch spring flowers, using hand lenses to identify petals, stems and leaves. We’ll listen to and find out about the Easter story, and we’ll sing along to spring-themed nursery rhymes. Using our maths skills, we’ll count ducks. What happens to the total number when a duck goes missing?  

How many pebbles on the beach? 

During this topic, we’ll explore the wonders of the seashore. We’ll look at which natural and man-made seashore objects float and which sink, and we’ll learn about the features of crabs, fish, seabirds and starfish. We’ll look at a range of seaside-themed books, songs and poems, and we’ll practise writing in the sand. Using our mathematical skills, we’ll catch and count plastic fish. We’ll also learn to move like a crab, set up an ice cream shop and use our imaginations to put beach pebbles to good use. What will we create? 

How high can I jump?  

Here, it’s time to find out more about sport, movement and physical activity. Outside, we’ll explore different ways to move around. Keeping active, we’ll join in with actions to traditional nursery rhymes, practise balancing along sports equipment, take part in keep fit sessions and join in with dancing. We’ll create our own obstacle courses and build our own physical challenges. We’ll also learn how to identify which foods are healthy and unhealthy, and we’ll make a healthy meal.  

English texts:  

Our first text, Owl Babies, links well to our first topic ‘Why do you love me so much?’ It’s a lovely story about three owls who wake from their nest to find their mother has gone. The children enjoy listening to the story and joining in with the repeated phrases. We also link to non-fiction here by discussing the appearance of owls. 

The next topic ‘Is it shiny?’ includes two great texts. The first is ‘How to catch and star’ which follows the adventures of a young boy who dreams of catching a star. During this text, the children are encouraged to listen and answer questions about the text. The second is ‘Stick Man’ and the children draw a picture of the character and discuss what they have drawn.  

Our next text is another well-known story by Julia Donaldson called ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’ which links to our topic ‘Where does snow go?’ Here the children discuss the main parts of the story. 

The forth topic ‘Are eggs alive?’ has two super stories. The first is Mrs Blood’s favourite – The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The children retell the story by drawing pictures. The second is Brenda’s Boring Eggs, and the children orally retell the main parts of this story.  

The topic ‘How many pebbles on the beach?’ links with the story The Rainbow Fish and the children begin to copy words from the story here. Our final text is Spinderella and the children continue with copying words and concentrating on forming recognisable letters.  

In addition to these texts, we learn and perform lots of nursery rhymes throughout the year.  

What we are looking forward to this year:    

We have many things to look forward to, but one of favourite times is when we welcome caterpillars into the nursery to help us to learn about the life cycle of butterflies. Another favourite is when we visit the snow dome as part of our ‘Where does snow go?’ topic.  

Important information about life in Nursery     

Our ‘Terrific Tuesdays’ begin after October half-term where children learn new skills and take part in adult-led activities such as baking 

In the nursery, we love to know what your child can do at home as well as in school. ‘Proud Clouds’ are comments written at home by parents when their child does something special. These are then added to their school learning journey as well as celebrated in school. To further enhance parental contribution and learning at home, each child has a ‘home learning journey’. This is a book that is kept at home, and then it is brought into school half termly, giving the children the opportunity to celebrate their learning which happens at home.  

To develop the children’s language skills and vocabulary, the children learn three words at home each week. The words are either linked to our learning in school or come from misconceptions that the children have. At home, the children discuss what each word means, use the word in different contexts throughout the week and parents write comments stating when their child has used the words. Also to develop the children’s language skills and vocabulary, we send home reading books, so parents can share stories with their children. We would like this to be done at least three times each week at home as well as accessing Bug Club.  

It’s a very busy year in the nursery, but a very important year too. We aim to give the children the very best learning opportunities to ensure they are ready for Reception and to continue their journey at school.  

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