Eaton Park Academy


Teacher: Mrs Proctor

Bumblebees: Mrs Livingstone and Mrs Price

Butterflies: Miss Bailey and Miss Pitchford

Our topic this term is ‘Why do you love me so much?’ We will be talking lots about what makes us ‘us’. We will be thinking about our families and, our new school family and how they fit together. Love, kindness and friendship will form the foundations of our future learning.

Our topic will be reflective of the length and depth of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, covering all seven areas of learning; it will also accommodate all characteristics of effective learning. This will be captured through magical moments that stimulate the imagination and allow the children to lead their education with the assistance of skilled practitioners. We explore and learn both in and outdoors each day. Being outdoors has a positive impact on our sense of well-being and aids all aspects of our lifelong development. Enabling us to freely explore a stimulating learning environment, for us to be physically active without limitations, and to be creative irrespective of space or noise. As children are unique, so is their learning style and the way that they access learning opportunities. By providing an inclusive outdoor environments it offers opportunities to do things in different ways and on different scales than when indoors.

We will be learning how to be a true Eaton Park Academy citizen. We will develop a love for learning through a range of hands on, inspirational activities. We will be learning how to be independent learners, how to be kind to each other and how to embrace ourselves as individuals.

There are many ways that you can help us but the most important skill that you can give to your child at this point is for them to be independent. Encouraging your child to come into Nursery by themselves, going to the toilet independently and putting on their own coat are all skills that would help your child’s independence to flourish.
The small things that we are sure that you do without even noticing make a huge difference; talking about the things you see when driving along the road, singing when they are in the bath, discussing the pictures in their bedtime story, showing them how to cut their food instead of doing it for them or counting the peas that they have on their plate. These simple things help to prepare the children for independent reading, mathematical understanding and generally sparks a love for lifelong learning.



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