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Eaton Park Academy

Year 5


Class Teacher: Mrs Cottis
Teaching Assistant: Miss Birch 

Hello and welcome to class 5C! We are an enthusiastic, fun and caring class who love to learn and explore new things. In 5C it is important to feel safe, confident and OK to make mistakes- this is something that Mrs Cottis and Miss Birch deem as very important when thinking about our learning. We know that the change from Year 4 to Year 5 can seem like a big one, but rest assured that your teachers will do their upmost to develop you into confident, independent learners who are passionate and enthusiastic about your learning.  


All topics begin with our incredible topic launch days to really engage the children and allow them to feel excited about the topics from day one!  

All Around the World: This Geography based topic sees us whizz around the world looking at continents, oceans, countries and famous landmarks in real depth! It is a fantastic topic to open a child’s mind to the amazing world around us and explore different countries and cultures through this. We will be creating 3D globes, completing fun quizzes about our topic and thinking about how our world is affected by climate change- a topic in previous years that the children have been extremely passionate about and want to start being proactive about here at Eaton Park! 

Pharaohs (The Ancient Egyptians): This history based topic is one of the best! During this topic, we study life in Ancient Egyptian times and learn some horrifying truths about mummification! We look at the different Pharaohs and their roles within Ancient Egyptian life, the important of the River Nile and the mysterious Pyramids of Giza- home of the Kings! This topic is fabulous for creative opportunities too as we are able to explore hieroglyphics and have a go at creating our own codes for our friends to crack along with creating Pharaoh masks!  

Stargazers (Earth and Space): WOW! Where to begin with this one! Our Stargazers topic is another interesting one where we learn about our solar system- life beyond our planet! Within this topic, we explore the planets of our solar system, make lots of links to our science topic of forces and learn about the phases of the Moon. Providing it can go ahead, we plan to have the Star Dome from Keele University to visit us to learn more about this incredible topic and really feel like we are stargazing from within!  

Off With Her Head! (Tudors): I told you Year 5 has the best topics! We finish the academic year with our last topic learning all about the Tudors. We dive into the life of Henry VIII and find out about the sad fate of some of his MANY wives! We also look at crime and punishment from this era and compare it to this today! In the past, we have hosted Tudor banquets as a topic showcase where the children can show off their amazing learning of this topic! 

Key English Texts:  

We start the Year by looking at the gorgeous picture book ‘Fox’ which tells a story of friendship, risk and betrayal. We spend time picking apart the contrasting characters of the story: Magpie, Fox and Dog and write both a character description and persuasive letter thinking about why the vulnerable Magpie shouldn’t leave with the sinister character of Fox for her own selfish gains.  

We then move on to the novel of ‘The Adventures of Hugo Cabret’ which sees us emerge ourself into the eyes of our poor, orphaned main character Hugo who lives in the train station of Paris. During this sequence, we write a magnificent poem of his rather unusual home and turn this into a setting description. We then move on to composing a balanced argument about key choices the orphan boy has to make!  

‘War of The Worlds’ comes into play when we start our topic of Stargazers. A tale of alien invasion and survival grips the children into thinking about the horrifying characters of the aliens! We recount the first chapter of the story thinking about main events and how the invasion destroys the town of Woking.   

Important information about Year 5: As in all other year bands, times table knowledge is key to the learning of maths in Year 5. We use the program Times Table Rockstars to help with the children’s acquisition and speed of the times tables and division facts. On Friday mornings we have our PSHE time, where we spend time thinking about any worries/ concerns we might have and also thinking about our roles within the classroom, school and within society. Homework is another important part of life in Year 5 where we are giving the children opportunities to consolidate their learning at home- as we all know, practice makes perfect and this is fundamental for your child’s learning. |On Friday afternoons (alternate weeks), we now have enrichment which is time where your children can explore interests. We offer: Animal Explorers, Crafts, Multi Sports and Team Building- this is a fantastic opportunity for your child to work with different friends and start a new hobby. Finally, our MASTERS values underpin everything we do at Eaton Park and in Year 5 this is no exception. We will be working towards achieving as many of the MASTERS value passport as we can to be upstanding members of our school and fantastic role models for our friends and families.  

Final Message: We are extremely excited about the year ahead and can’t wait to share all these amazing experiences and opportunities with your children. We feel as though they have lots to look forward to! As a Year 5 team, we are always here to support you and your children so if there is ever anything we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Class Dojo or the school office!

Class teacher: Mrs. Morgan 
Class teaching assistant: Mrs. Hollins  

Hello and welcome to 5M! – We are a lovely bunch of kind and friendly children with many different interests. We are enjoying being back in school after lock down and have loved getting to see our friends againMrs. Morgan and Mrs. Hollins are making sure we are working hard and making sure that we have lots of activities to keep us busy with our learning during the school day! We are working especially hard on our reading skills and are becoming super at detective work when we find clues in the text.  

Topics:  We think that we have all of the best topics here in Year 5, just take a look at our list… 

Around the worldWe start off the year learning all about the world around us. We learn about the continentscountries and oceans that make up our world. It is always really interesting to find out about the different landmarks, both natural and man-made and to learn about the geographical features of landscapes in different countries. This links nicely to our Science work about animals and their habitats, we can consider how animals are adapted to their environments 

Pharaohs: For our second topic, we journey back in time around 5000 years to the dusty realms of Ancient Egypt. We will enter a world of mysteries, curses, pyramids, kings and of course…mummies! This topic really captures our imaginations because learning about the everyday lives of people in the past is always fascinating!  

Stargazers: In this topic we will leave planet Earth behind (for a little while at least)and travel beyond our atmosphere to the moon, sun and voyage even further to learn about the other planets in our solar system. This topic links beautifully to our English text The War of The Worlds, where extra-terrestrial visitors are vividly brought to life.  

Off With Her Head! Our final journey of the year again takes us back in time, to a time of royal disputesinteresting fashion choices and some terrifying medical advances. Life in Tudor Britain was certainly far from easy, but never boring!  

English texts:  

Our first text, Fox is a beautifully illustrated story which tells a rather touching story of friendship, loyalty, betrayal and loss. Through this text we will explore character description, persuasive letter writing and descriptive poetry. The text also sparks many discussions about the morality of actions and the motivations behind the characters’ decisions. Our writing alongside this text includes a fabulous description of the character Fox and a persuasive letter to one of the key characters, Magpie asking her not to make a very foolish decision.  

The Invention of Hugo Cabret’  is our second text of the year. Through its beautiful illustrations and wellcrafted narrative, it tells the tale of a young orphan who finds purpose, hope and a community when he embarks upon a project of repairing an old automaton which was made by his father. The story deals with the themes of belonging and finding your place in the world. Our writing for this unit will focus on poetry, relating to Hugo’s unconventional home. Moving on from our persuasive letter we wrote when we read Fox, we use this text as inspiration for writing a balanced argument and have lots of fun expressing our views and thinking deeply about some of the decisions Hugo made within the story.  

‘The War of the Worlds’  is our third text of the year. It vividly tells the story of an alien invasion of our planet. These terrifying creatures wreak havoc on our landscape and cause terror wherever they go. This tense tale of danger and devastation will have us on the edge of our seats! Our writing is based upon the alien invasion and how the sequence of events had disastrous consequences for the town of Woking.  

School roles:   

In year 5 we are becoming more responsible and more active members of our Eaton Park Academy community. As such, we have many different roles within class to help us participate more fully in school life. Examples of our Year 5 class roles are: Class Librarian, Playground Warriors, Class Ambassadors, Wellbeing Warriors, and of course School Council members. To tie in with our British Values, especially democracy, we voted for the children that we thought would best fulfil those roles. Within the class all of us are responsible for keeping our classroom environment a happy, safe and pleasant place to be and one of our key rules is that we look after each other –We are an enthusiastic bunch and are always keen to help out in 5M 

Important information about life in Year 5.  

Now that we are in Year 5 we are focusing on becoming increasingly independent. We have lots of responsibilities such as remembering to do our homework each week. Our homework involves reading, both from our book and by using Bug Club online. We also have a big focus on learning our times tables. We use Times Table Rockstars to help us learn at home and each week we use our some of our Big Maths lesson to complete our Times Table Rainbow challenge. Our Maths teacher sets us weekly Maths homework to complete and we also have weekly spellings. All of this homework helps to make us well-prepared for our inclass learningOur MASTER Values passports are an important part of our learning, as these skills help us in a wide range of areas and we will use them more and more throughout the year. An exciting new addition to our Year 5 timetable is the Enrichment Afternoon. Every other week, we have the opportunity to choose our Friday afternoon lessons! Not only do we get the choice, but the options we have to choose from are also really fun! The aim of these afternoons is that we get to learn a new skill or to do more of what we enjoy. The first term’s choices are Creative Crafts, Animal Explorers, Multi Sports or Team Building.  In 5M we also our weekly PSHE and Big Question sessionswhere we get to  learn about emotions, citizenship, friendships and challenges we may face and we especially enjoy the opportunity to discuss issues that matter to us. –We know that life in Year 5 can be challenging at time, but we are working on becoming more resilient and we know that we can achieve our goals.  


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