Eaton Park Academy

Year 4


Teacher: Miss Hickton

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hayes

In 4H we are hard-working, resilient and full of laughter – we just love learning together each day. Our classroom is bright and colourful (just how we like it), and it is full of useful tools to help us with our learning, including our spelling wall and English and maths working walls – we also love to see where we are on our Times Tables Rainbow. This year is an exciting year for us, and we are determined to achieve our very best; we understand that to do this, we may make a few mistakes along the way (but this is ok because we can always learn from our mistakes).

Our first topic based upon the Romans and Celts has had us hooked from day one, and we have enjoyed learning all about the things that we have in our lives today thanks to the Romans invading Britain. We thoroughly enjoyed our first topic launch day, training to be gladiators and designing our own mosaics. The rest of our topics for this year will be just as fun, especially when we travel to America in ‘Road Trip USA’ and into the deep blue sea for ‘Blue Abyss’.

Our staff, Miss Hickton and Mrs Hayes, are always welcoming and helpful – together we make a great team. We know that we can ask them anything if we have a problem or even speak to them if we just want a chat

Teacher: Mrs Mellor

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hollins

Hello and welcome to 4M’s (M for magical) class page. In our class, we have 32 enthusiastic children, plus our teacher Mrs Mellor and our fabulous teaching assistant Mrs Hollins, who we couldn’t be without. As you can imagine with 32 of us, our classroom is a very busy, but brilliant learning environment. We are a team, and we are ready to take on the challenges of Year 4 with determination to ensure each member of our class achieves their full potential.

4M is bright and vibrant, and it is full of useful tools to help us with our learning, including our spelling and writing walls, our maths working walls and our superb Star books reading corner. You will find us working hard to rise to our high expectations, which motivates us to succeed. As a class, we get to learn in many different ways. We are encouraged to try our best and be confident in ourselves in all aspects of school life. Our teachers love it when we participate and share our own ideas in lessons because it shows we are eager to learn. We understand that when we do this, we may make a few mistakes along the way, but this is acceptable because not only ourselves, but our peers can learn from any mistakes we make together. You will find that we are not always quiet in our classroom, but that’s because we are such active learners – ask us about our work and learning.

This academic year, our topics throughout the year include: I am Warrior!, Road Trip USA, Traders and Raiders and Blue Abyss.
During our English lessons, we use many different texts to develop and support our learning. The novel we will be using to start this academic year will be Roald Dahl’s ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. We are looking forward to reading the text and exploring the language as a class before using it to help with our fabulous writing, which will include a diary entry and an explanation text.
This year, in Maths, our times tables are even more important than before as we will be the first year band at Eaton Park Academy to complete the new multiplication check. It may be something new, but we know that we will achieve amazing results!

Our school values are really important to each and every one of us, and we always strive to demonstrate them to show that we are true Eaton Park People and our achievements can be seen in our MASTER value passports.

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