1. What should I do if my child is poorly? Please telephone the school office directly on 01782 234760 before 8:30am to report your child’s absence. We ask that you do not report absence via Class Dojo – it must be reported to the school office.
  2. My child has a medical appointment to attend in school hours – what should I do? We do encourage that all appointments are made for out of school hours; however, if it is an emergency, please inform the school office of the appointment. An appointment card or letter MUST be seen for it to be authorised.
  3. I have booked a holiday in term time – will the school allow me to take my child out of school? NO, no holidays are authorised in term time – this is a Government decision and if you do take them out, it will NOT be authorised and you risk being fined.
  4. My child would like to have school dinners, how much are they? They are £2.49 a day or £12.45 per week. All school dinners must be paid for via ParentPay. We are a cashless school.
  5. My child currently has a school dinner but would like to change to sandwiches, is this ok?Yes, they can change but they cannot change mid-week. Once paid for the week, they have to continue for that week. Ideally, it would be appreciated if they are on dinners they stay on dinners until the next school holiday but we do understand for a number of reasons this is not always possible. Please speak to Mrs Hankey via the school office.
  6. My child is currently taking prescribed medication, can the school give this to them? Yes we can as long as it has been prescribed by a doctor and also has a pharmacist label on the medication with the child’s name, medication details and dosage amounts. You will need to bring it to the office and fill in a short form and then collect the medication from the office at the end of the day. If medicine can be administered at home around the school day, this is preferred.
  7. Snow is forecast – will the school remain open or closed? If school has to close, all parents will be sent a text message and the local radio will also be made aware so please listen to the local radio. The homepage of the school website will also be updated immediately and an app notification will be sent. It will also be posted on our whole school Class Dojo page.
  8. I have moved home and need to update my details, what is the best way to do this? Please visit the school office to collect a change of circumstances form to complete. All address changes have to be completed on the change of circumstances form.
  9. My phone number has changed, what is the best way to update the school with the new number? It is extremely important that as soon as your phone numbers change that the school is informed straight away; this is for a number of reasons. If your child is poorly or has an accident in school, we need to be able to contact you. Also, if we are sending information texts to parents, you will not receive them until we have your new number.
  10. I have a concern/query, who am I best speaking to? Class teachers are available to speak to every morning and afternoon as the children arrive at and leave school and parents can arrange a suitable time to meet them outside of the school day. Class teachers are best placed to answer most queries as they know your child best. Class teachers can also be contacted via Class Dojo. However, if you still have concerns, you may choose to request a meeting with the Head of Academy, Mrs Bell. You can do this via the school office.
  11. My child needs new school uniform, where do I purchase this from? All items of our school uniform can be purchased from Longton Protective Clothing in Longton (ST3 1HZ) which is our uniform provider.

The school is a happy and positive community.

| Ofsted 2019

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